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The obstacle is the way

You Learn More From Failure Than From Success. Don’t Let It Stop You.

What can I learn from the trials of yesterday? How can I problem solve for the future? When we fail we often condemn ourselves,the dream shrinks on the edge of your tongue, suddenly you are concerned with the opinions and judgements of others. They have witness your Icarus climb, now what? You are vulnerable, so quickly we quieten down about our dreams, we act with more desperation to conform. The hunger simmers in the background,and yet we allow ourselves to be plagued by doubt. Learn from your failures,and be ready to fail over and over and over again.when failure visits, she often brings fruit, knowledge.That knowledge when applied correctly can be wisdom from experience, there is nothing better than someone who has walked in your shoes, peeling the door open, to reveal your narrative and listen to you exclaim.It is possible. Yet that road comes with some obstacles.

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