The process of elevation is a trying one. Yet try you must,expand your mind you must.There are pools of knowledge out there ,wisdom to engage you to commandeer your steps.

In pursuit of your gift, chasing your dreams, searching for your fulfilment,you will find several paths blocked. Some days you will look for narrow exits,yet these challenges are the process of becoming. No one said it would be easy, the world won’t cheer for you immediately. You will become careful with words which flow like tap water, yet remember it’s not just what you say, it’s about what you do. We are not always consistent leaders, sometimes we shrink when a challenge rears its head and yet you must learn. To walk you had to crawl,you had to learn , adjust,navigate.

All portals to navigate a greater change stem from the mind, every story you tell yourself is the fiction you will live and die by. Keep going for so many of us we are still evolving.

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