The canvas of the curious mind

Somebody told you it was impossible.They told you it was time to grow up, to put childish things away, to become another player consumed by conformism in this game of life.


To be an active participant,in the demise of your own truth. And what is your truth? Who you are, your passions, your gift, are sent from a greater abundance. You are unique and some of you may even be described as eccentric, when the world says jump and others say how high you often ask questions like why? Why do I need to jump? Why do I not walk this route, why not crossover where there is access here, why not look at this avenue, your curious mind engages things differently. You find happiness in the quest for knowledge,you find wisdom even in the smallest lessons. So when others who are unhappy and discontent,tell you it’s time to grow up, you must also question as I am growing ,evolving,elevating.Who am I growing into? What will I become?

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