The stroke of a pen

It is with the stroke of a pen, we tap into infinity, slipping into a madness so tasteful it consumes you.

Writing is passion, we are informing the world, yet when you write with consistency, you are honing your skills, challenging devil’s that dance, and mock for with this quill you are omnipotent. Life will give you material, you will be consumed with subjects to discuss because life is like anaconda, snapping at you with its jaw, shattering your paperclip form and scattering you amidst the dust. You must collect yourself now. You must ease back into your vision taking bold strides into it, claiming the world and exploring the covenant you made with self and pen. The key is to dream a little and write a lot, to motivate yourself out of the shadow of black dogs, to conquer giants with one winning slip of the pen. It is dangerous to simply dream. When we dream we walk on the outskirts of life. When we take action we put in the knowledge that has grown within us.

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