Time and dreams

It matters much what you do with your time in this life, because it echoes into eternity. Casting vivid shapes, and lighting the road up with lanterns perfumed with old knowledge. Life is for the living.


You are a rider, grab your bike by its horns and shoot off like a rocket into the promise of positive change. It is real to be fearful about life, to be troubled about the threads of chaos which come our way, strands of discontent , molecules dancing in turbines. Yet you must remember you have only one life, only one self, love it, care for it, and make adjustments where you can. Whether it’s old pain knitted to your skin, knotted in your hair, curling your lips, release its heavy burden and free your mind. Open it up to the wisdom of the world, you are making an impact, day by day, remember to enjoy the journey.

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