Glitter ball


The things you miss
about the faces that claimed
Your day
people who are just passing
Scared of aging
I miss the flash of
White teeth
A polaroid of precision
gated bones
Celebrating snatches
from a postcard of Joy
Talling me how happy
You were to see me
Your warm embrace
The honey of your soft
Like the kiss of
I miss my friend
whose laugh would
like a Volcano
Turning grown men into
Bludshing yet pulsing
Spasms of conversations
Lost in the magic
of a Glimpse
Speech bubble people
Eager to be popped
Ripe for connecting
I miss your walk
Like a dance
The shimmy of Limbs
everytime you stepped
Into a room
You were like a
Dazzling Glitterball
Your eyes shone like
For there was
Something special
About you

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