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How to raise capital through your blog

The sentence  on everyones lips is how do you monetise your passion a creative blog? How do you key into your audience, market your brand and elevate it so much so, that you begin to bring in a sturdy income?

How do you excite your demographic so much that they tittilate with news of every new headline article and consume your posts as though they were dairy products.

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Here are my top ways to engage your audience, and ensure they are not just endorsing you for your creativity but investing in your product. Remember the blog is  a platform and can be used to promote other things, When you build enough of an engagement, you understand your demographics, you know their wants their needs and their hunger. You know what they type into the search engines, if you were to go into the shops you know which aisle you’d see them in, what products they’d buy, how much of a spending budget they’d have, and why they would invest in you.

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You have to identify your audience as your community of investors, a sale is an emotional thing. Although people convince themselves they are logical purchasers, they tune into the product emotionally, and justify their purchase with logic.  Why should they buy from you, why should they invest their time on your site on your blog, be it an ebook, a webinar, an affiliate program your selling. How will you tick their gratification box and eliminate the guilt of the sale?

 Because you want your community of investors to keep coming back, to buy into your language, message, ideology, products, vision, and to be compelled to invest further. Whether its a programme your selling, a youtube video you want them to tune into, a series that keeps them coming back for more, expand on the knowledge you have and diversify the information you provide to them. Package it well, and consistently learn sales through  courses and learn the terminology it will build confidence as you pitch your product.

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