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How to raise money with revenue sharing sites

The internet is a hotbed for creatives seeking ways to monetise their entrepreneurial insight. Maybe you’ve just come in from a long day of work, woken up to face the day, clicked the screen on, or even used the telephone. If your like me, you got sick of a redundant bank account. A lack of zeroes, and those busy calls from anxious debt collectors or even better…. credit card companies pretending to be your friend.

 Are you looking for another outcome? If you are, then you just might have just hit the jackpot. That’s right.

The internet is over saturated with delicious ways to bring in a timely income, build a network and turn yourself into a brand, yet what are some other ways you can bring in money that help contribute towards those bills, and put a smile in your pocket here and there. Im talking revenue sharing contributor sites like Squidoo,Medium,Triond.

1. Infobarrel

Infobarrel allows you to earn money through various means for publishing articles on this website. Within reason, you can write about anything under the sun. You can even share your fiction works and poems here if that’s your sort of thing.It might take some time before you completely understand how the site works because it’s not newbie-friendly. For starters, formatting posts can be a real pain for beginners. But it’s no reason to not write on Infobarrel. With the Squiddo merger last year, Infobarrel is one of those rare sites left that writers can trust.Unlike some content mills, Infobarrel managed to survive many Google algorithm changes. 

Top 25 Best Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

1. Weebly

Weebly is one of the best revenue sharing websites to start a blog for a beginner. Placing Google AdSense on the site can bring you 100% of revenue.

2. Infobarrel

Infobarrel comes next on the list. This site more or less follows same policies and share around 75% AdSense revenue.

3. Hubpages

Another great website which is well known in its own niche is The revenue sharing policy of the site is 60% of the total share which is still huge if the site traffic is taken into account.

4. JournalHome

This is what most newbies look for. JournalHome offers a free blog with the ability to add your own AdSense ads and earn 100 percent of the revenue.


With this free blog, offering a Google AdSense revenue up to 50 %, you can ensure a considerable earning with your articles.

6. TrendHunter is one of the best-paid writing sites. Once you get linked to it, your Article can easily come into the top 10 ranking according to Google search. Enjoying a large traffic daily, the site is known for sharing up to 100% of the total revenue with its members.

7.  Oondi

All you need to do is write quality articles, submit them and wait for the fruitful results that you will receive shortly in terms of 100% of share in the revenue that is generated by your work.

8. eHow

This site pays highest for writing articles. You can write on any topic on this platform and can earn really great with it.

9. Squidoo

You need to create mini-websites that contain well-written content. Once done with it, you can earn 50% of AdSense revenue

10. Bukisa

You earning here depends on upon the number of page views of your article. So write good and earn well.


You can publish a question or locate a question posted by simply other members of the community and reply them. Revenue is split between all associates who publish the question or answer it on the page.12.FlixyaHere members can upload video lessons, photos, and blogging. The contributors keep 100% of the revenue generated by simply their videos photos and sites.

13. Snipsly

Snipsly welcome contributors from across the world who can write articles on any subject they want. Snipsly rewards members with 80% earnings share.

14. Best Reviewer

Contributors at Best Reviewer are rewarded having an AdSense block which can be located under the title of your article.

15. Seekyt

Here contributors earn money by publishing posts on any theme. They earn earnings share of minimum 50% which may be increased.

16. Docstoc

It is a document sharing portal. Here users upload their documents. When you upload any document on this site, AdSense ad will also be placed on that document. When anyone makes a click on that advt.  then you will get paid through Adsense.

17. Indiastudychannel

Students can take much profit with study material. This site also shares 90% revenue with their users. If you are a student then I will highly recommend this site.


Freerange Stock allows photographers can participate in their expanded revenue sharing system. You will be allowed to keep 100% of the AdSense advertising revenue from your photo download pages and your profile pages.

19. Iesteam

This is a 100% Adsense revenue sharing site.  Iesteam is a community-based site. They share 100% Adsense revenue with the authors, Register an account and publish more than 5 unique articles, go to the profile URL and fill the AdSense publisher ID field.


Here you need to publish your content on the site and strive for getting some backlinks.  You can expect here a consistent earning if you work consistently.

21. HowToDoThings

Publish tips on how to do things on this site will publish for free and get rewarded with 50% of Google AdSense revenue on your articles.

22. FireHow

Authentic revenue share writing a website with an okay Google Page Rank. Payment for published articles is made through PayPal every month once you reach the minimum payout of $10.

23. ArticleIncome

ArticleIncome shares 50% to 75% of the money generated by contextual ads on the articles and reviews to the writers depending on the number of submitted articles.

24. RantRave

Write about things you are passionate and receive 100% Google AdSense revenue. You can also share links and join discussions at RantRave to make new friends online.

25. TypeaParent gives you an opportunity to receive 100% of the money generated by Google AdSense ads, which are added to your articles. sites should go hand in hand with your blogging experience, they help generate traffic and build a steady income. They also pay you for a certain number of views

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