network and Navigating

Its the vision that keeps you up all night, tattoed in your subconscious, restless between your sheets. You leak it like a goldfish in a bowl with salt water, it is your dream. How many of us have a dream, it haunts you when you try to be normal, it covets you, holds your hands as you tremble junkie, desperate for another fix. Eager to see it, another view, another glance, another visual, where are your building blocks, my friend? Where are the little steps you plan to take. Start with the why and develop the how, why would other people help you build this dream. I realise long ago, that the why questions about concept, self and community, created access. It nurtured growth and delivery, it facilitated a wealth of understanding about what i was trying to create, what i was trying to develop and give others access too. How could i monetise it, and create a strong brand and platform of which others could maintain an interactive hub, whereby they could trade and get what they need?Whereby they also could become captains of their own ship? Commandeer a fruitful financial footprint, and navigate their way to success.

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