self trust as standard

Just get on with it, i groaned aloud to myself. I was repeating a pattern. A favourite of mine, where i would hype myself up with new goals and challenges, but to meet those deadlines i would become highly frustrated.Until i chose to master a system, my routine and strategy to getting things done, my ability to counter the fear and procrastination that built up like residue and played like a stage performance in my mind. I realised something as i struggled to achieve my goals, losers are also ambitious people also. Yet they have poor habbits and a poor methodology to getting things done, they fail because they like many others like the idea of doing things but are not willing to do the work. Success is something that takes place internally before it becomes an external output, you must challenge all the blockages, distractions, the interferences, and keep going. You must believe in what you can do no matter who says its impossible and you must commit. It is less about the talk and more about the action,yet there will be days you must have a talk with yourself and no matter how small the goal, you must deliver, it is about trust. I have learned this with trial, you must learn to trust yourself.

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