Decisive discipline

You must have a strict discipline to counter just being a dreamer. Ideas are majestic things and when they throne us, we find ourselves lost in portals that claim much of our conversation. Yet this isnt just a talk you want to have with a friend or colleague, you must train your mind to accept accountability. You must rewire your brain to build a foundation, you must create a system and an itenary you follow day by day in order to succeed. The subconscious mind needs to be talked out of its lazy habbits and routines, it must declare itself a leader against many of its opposing conflicts, by repetitive, positive, and productive actions. Get busy being busy with an end goal in mind, have your vision in your sight and make sure in time you can touch it, feel it, connect to it and call on it. Be precise, and be goal orientated, also work on manifestation by consistent meditation this will cool your mind, and liberate your thoughts so you acquire furthermore access to your ideas and nuggets of paths and processes that will help you along the way.

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