Plays Of the Mind

The mind is the ultimate player, it will tax you for your dreams, and it will tax you for your fears, you must play a stealthy game yourself, and have your own deck of cards to counter its influx of weighted    Commentary and visuals. Many of us find ourselves locked in the past, not because we are weak, but because the mind keeps returning us to our cryptonite moments where we were vulnerable, afraid, had a belief violated in some way. That is the negative.

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In order to propel yourself forward you must focus on the positive aspects of your past, your journey, your existence, and provide your successes as ammunition. You are not boasting or being a braggart, you are providing a portfolio of experience a deck of cards which showcase your strengths as a leader and your ability to take on challenges and steer your own battleship. This battleship is called the mind. If you don’t commandeer your mind, your thoughts will run away with themselves, governing you, and you will find it hard to meet goals and objectives. Yet not everything in life should be about complete control, we argue at times, I want to be free, express myself without the fear of others staining my conscience, a free mind is supported by a fruitful and well organised life.

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