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Countdown millionaire idea number 4

It was a dream that woke you, a vision that shadowed you, and now it consumes you. Your hunger to be so much greater than what you were yesterday, this vision has made you embark on a journey. This journey is about to change your life. When I started writing my book Lunchbox Millionaire I had no idea I would create such a powerful network, and become such a pronounced digital influencer. My aim was to learn certain skills, and to become a more consistent blogger and entrepreneur. I had a myriad of ideas some were catastrophic,others I felt evangelised me. I learned many things along the way, one of them was the importance of consistency. I have a habit of liking new things, the fresh zeal of abandoning an old idea for something fresh, pronounced, with the prospect of helping me arrive at my destination so much quicker. I’ve always had the tenacity but lacked the sustained momentum, yet in business I learned these key traits and in life. It is more than the initial excitement. The burst and the new zeal. For example they always say a puppy is not just for Christmas, it is a living , breathing thing, it requires feeding. A dream is the same. It is its own animal, it requires fuel, tenacity, and more than glorious leaps, consistent steps, and action. Yesterday’s talk must become tomorrow’s action, your processes are a symptom of your belief. To raise the capital, to be financially independent, when you reach the experience of mental drought, you must be willing to push beyond it and find a well of resources, and nuggets of information that remain untapped. A whole reservoir now for idea number three

A community trade enterprise. Thats right people there is money in the word community, whether its an online portal or a network of people sharing ideas you can use buddy press to create your own social network on wordpress, and commit to selling trade to your network of friends , family, and prospects. The key is as follows, inform friends, family, neighbors that you are building a community trade portal, which will give them a platform to showcase and sell their services to make more money. There is a small membership fee, and they give you a percent of the revenue they make. Why will this work because ebay, and sites like amazon, even etsy are very commercial, and very competitive. It is a great side income, and when your ready it would be great to expand it. Inform your local community centre, youth centre, and business centres of what your doing, there is government funding available, it will make you an intricate fabric within the community, and make you a key point of contact for many businesses.

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