Countdown to millionaire idea 5

 If you like your literature and your loose with the lingo as a creative spirit produce your own branded ebook series on your website and offer online marketing, affiliate advertising partnerships allowing brands to advertise through your book. Build your following and sell your book to your online community through Social media channels like facebook, instagram, twitter. You can produce a book on Kindle, Lulu, Patreon,and multiple platforms. Have a blog linked to your book, promote excerpts, or chapters on various sites such as reddit, quora, even Vocal media, have a newsletter updating your readers and a subscription list.You can use Mailchimp but the key is to enjoy what your doing have fun creating, and share your journey with positive people around you. Amanda Hocking Grossed over a million with her self published ebook series, if she can do it, why cant you?
Build a community around you, every community starts from home. If you dont have friends you have family, you can go to literary events, festivals, book clubs, spoken word events, start connecting and share your new product excerpt out there. Offer special deals, and promotions, and get the word out there about your brand. Ask to guest blog on other peoples sites and request they review your book or profile it on their page. Join facebook groups and ask people to share your book on their page or like yours.

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