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How To monetise Your Blog

There are a myriad of ways to monetise your blog, turn it into a community enterprise hub with heightened engagement. Give it open access so others can journal on it, and pretty soon you will see a story unfolding.
create an active community so people share their stories, and they engage with yours. Have an outline and a theme for your blog, what hot topics would you like to discuss debate or open up a discourse about.
What topics are trending in relation to your theme, what products can you sell linked to your blog? 
How are you helping or enabling others. Do online business courses, use your blog or website as a tool for self empowerment, and to liberate others, learn about different sales strategy. 
Create a brand and build a hot topic that will create interactivity, engage with trends, build a plethora of connections through social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, produce a channel, and develop a structured simple 3-5 tier system.
 Offer some courses you can train your network in, use email marketing to contact clients. 
Have a database of contacts you inform about when your posts are being updated through mailchimp and produce a newsletter.

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Attach a forum to your blog so there are discussions and engagement 
Utilise all your social media and create a digital campaign, celebrating your site give it some buzz, give it some zazz.
Sell products on your site Use infographics for marketing, or slideshows and post on various platforms like linkedin
Include celebrity gossip linked to your theme and discussion points
Tag people into your posts on social media ask for opinions, on the article, ask them for their ideas 
Have a fresh perspective, invite guest writers unto the platform 
create a sales funnel linked to your blog/ site that means you need to start learning some sales and collecting some info such as email addresses contact numbers, and other details
know what your audience is looking for, know what they need.

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