Strength within the self

Self you are strong,Self you are wise, self you are growing, not in disguise. Each morning, stand before the mirror and remind yourself exactly how beautiful and how strong you truly are. Why? Because Life is just round the corner with its challenges ready to challenge your faith, ready to test the parameters of your being, of your strength of your wisdom. Nurture yourself daily with an inspirational quote, have a notepad where you list your successes, and you celebrate yourself, because doubt will come in like a chorus. Doubt is eager to make you stagnant, procrastinate, question every molecule in your being, it will whisper words that encourage such sweet surrender. Words that are like poems in your ears, yet whatever the challenge to build up your dream, believe in your strength, believe in your ability to execute. It wont always be a bed of roses, but you want to get to a point where your able to build a steely momentum.

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