Goals with Distinction

Have clear defined goals and a strategy to alienate fear and succumb to success. With each goal you conquer you are building self esteem, building faith, extending a path for yourself and dipping your mind into a baptism of new energy. It is key to nurture each goal with literature,maybe first thing in the morning read a verse from a mentor who inspires you, talk to someone who has changed their lives, watch a video that gets your juices going and reaffirm to yourself that these practices with productivity can be done. Success is a system of things, it is a play that you must rehearse in your mind, before it becomes real in the physical world. Tap into your infinite potential by tuning into source, and believing you can change the course of destiny with active practice. It is with discipline we redefine ourselves. It is with focus we become an instrument of success and victorious in our pursuits.

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