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Dynamic, Defined and elevated for success: Meet Donna raisa Tan!

I always have the entrepreneurial heart and believe that in order to live a quality life, I must do something that I love without compromising time and financial freedom

Intriguing and highly intelligent, elevated for success , career minded , focussed, beautiful, meet the illustrious Donna Raisa Tan. With a sharp wit, an insight for business and a keen eye, Donna is someone who is a trojan in the workforce with great ideas and an extensive catalogue of experiences, Donna is both creative, and has an extensive network, great portfolio and indomittable spirit, join me as i interview this new captain of industry. Donna has allowed her experiences to not grind her, but help her evolve and shape her in her careeer. If ever there was a force in industry, this is one element to look out for. Meet Donna Raisa Tan.

Please introduce yourself to the audience and give us a bit of insight about who you are and what you do.

My name is Donna Raisa Tan and I am an Online Business owner and mentor, I help ordinary people from around the globe to start their very own and branded online business with the use of our proven system, sales funnel, marketing tools, step by step training, mentorship and international community that you can ask help when needed 24/7!

  2. Why did you start this business? I always have the entrepreneurial heart and believe that in order to live a quality life, I must do something that I love without compromising time and financial freedom. And this cannot be attain if I am in a corporate world, that is why I wanted to become my own boss and earn wherever or whenever I can be and  that is only possible in the digital space. And so, when I found my online business opportunity around September of 2019, I knew that this is what I’ve been praying for. Without a doubt, I took the leap of faith and dive into the amazing online world.  

 3. What is your background? I completed Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Banking and Finance in Philippines way back in 2006. When I moved in Dubai to further develop my career, I took health and safety, environmental and sustainability courses. That helped me to land a job as an Environmental, Health and Safety and Sustainability professional working for a chain of hotels in the city. I have been in the corporate world for 12 years now. 

  4. What inspires you? I am inspired by our international online business community from different walks of life, they are becoming their own bosses with the use of our system as the income in the online space is way better than being employed, I have seen them spending quality time with their love ones and travel anywhere they want without worrying about finances and time constraint and even receiving cheques from the business coming back home. I am inspired as well seeing people that I helped achieve their dreams as I achieve mine, seeing them improve themselves in personal development too, I am glad that our training doesn’t only focus on advertising but as well as personal development. Those that joined before and has “0” knowledge in Facebook now are very competitive and enjoying the process of the newly acquired skills. I am inspired by my audience giving me positive feedback that they are enjoying my contents.  

 5. What motivates you when business gets challenging? I always hold unto my WHYs, there is always a driving force from within knowing that I am anyway having the best system and it’s only myself who should keep going and continue to keep going amidst the diversities. I also watched twice a week our webinars and weekly masterminds, our panellists keeps on changing and hearing testimonials from those business owners that are sharing their journeys to success, keeps the fire in me burning! I keep my eye on my vision board, that someday, all my goals will be achieved

I always upgrade myself, I get resources of ideas from different platforms in the net, the creativity in me surge whenever I see new tips and tricks to run my business in a more stylish way and it made me so excited to share and give value to my audience. I always want to give them the best content that I can to somehow inspire, educate and entertain their day. And seeing people engaging on me and letting me know that I have touched their lives in my posts in a positive way, it’s a great fulfilment! Seeing my mentees learned from my teachings and achieving results in their business is another satisfaction for me that money cannot repay. Even people that I never knew and just quietly watching my journey and suddenly they’ll message me telling that they admire how I inspired them, for me it’s like magic! 

 7. What challenges have you faced? What more can I think of being challenged in this pandemic time. So many restrictions and economic crisis that are affecting us in one way or another. Not to mention the psychological effects on us and trying to cope up with the new norm. Nevertheless, I try my very best to stay strong in my core and think of how to be more of value instead of feeling hopeless and play as a victim in this trying times.   

8. Tell us about your brand? I would want people to think when they hear my name or see my posts as an empowered woman, a goal getter with a creative mind-set. As someone that they can lean on to alleviate life even in a small way, even from across the globe. Working in the online space has never been this exciting, imagine a single content from Dubai, UAE is reaching in a far and remote area of Canada, it’s like that person being in the opposite side of me in this world! I want them to know that today, wherever we are, it is possible to start a business in our smart devices, we can leverage the power of the internet and it is possible to shifts our lives in 360 degrees within 4-5 years! There is so much to explore in the online space, gone are those grinding in years until we retire, now we can retire and still have the full energy to do whatever we want, wherever we want! And if given the opportunity to mentor, it is for me a call to share whatever I can with our community to help someone start their exciting journey! Here is my website to learn more: and I hope to see you on the inside!   

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