Creative ideas to monetise WhatsApp


Your group monetisation hotspot
How to monetise whatsapp

Turn your WhatsApp group into a marketplace
Have links people click on that link to payment processing
Crowdfund with your WhatsApp group
Charge an introduction fee to an elite and exclusive WhatsApp group with high quality networks
Sell products
Bid for products in your WhatsApp group
Let people pay to advertise in your WhatsApp group
Pay for profile in your WhatsApp group after you’ve built the network
Create a marketing hub in your WhatsApp group

Boost other people’s products,blogs and brands
Link people to affiliates in your WhatsApp group
Get 5-10% off deals made in your WhatsApp group

Sell key products in your WhatsApp group
Offer your WhatsApp group as a speaking platform

Let people pay to be invited for speed networking at your WhatsApp group

Have video mentoring in your WhatsApp group
3 way premium tutorials in your WhatsApp group

Use your WhatsApp group to bolster traffic.


    • Hi Sade WhatsApp should be used with links,for example post your stripe payment link in the group or your PayPal payment link so people know where to go to pay you. The key in the WhatsApp groups is to use them to generate buzz and to build traffic, to build massive engagement. The more people you have of value in your group, the more it becomes like a marketplace. For example someone who builds a WhatsApp group with investors can charge people a small fee to connect to those investors and do deals with them in the group, by setting up a payment link. It becomes not just a marketplace but that person becomes an introducer or referral agent.

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