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To rise

It’s easy for others to tear you down, they haven’t walked your journey, many may choose not to see your perspective. It is safer for them that way. In life there are those who acquire strength by punishing others for the courage they lack.

Whilst you take the risk, they have the audacity to judge, but when positivity comes your way, they want the benefits and seek the glory. These people lack the spine to do the work, and yet their the ones who parrot the loudest when good things are happening to you. Often times people mistake their cruelty for humour, believing them clawing, or the mesh of a poison tongue is just commentary, when envious people seek to dull your light remember why you started. Remember why their in the shadows and you are at the forefront. Character attracts energy in abundance I believe this, the universe has spies. You will attract the right energy to you in abundance.

Amen Iseghohi of This movement

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