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Wisdom for your wealth

When I was younger my father used to sit us down and teach us business through prayer meetings, yet what I went into learn wasn’t just from the prayer meetings, it was something tattooed upon my soul,branded within me, a thirst for knowledge, wisdom and to grow. I wanted more, more information, more knowledge, more experiences,more development. I sought, and in many cases I found.i have had interesting experiences. I have been interviewed for a job for Buckingham palace, been commissioned for my photography of Prince Charles and the Fa cup, have built a billion pound network,through using social media and engaging people interactively. None of this would have happened if I didn’t have a thirst for knowledge. Books,webinars,seminars,courses,classes,at one point,I was devouring them eager to fill in the gaps in my knowledge bank. Knowledge and truth are what open doors, knowledge is what sets us all free,it empowers.

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