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Reflections of the Self

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How many times will you whip yourself with words, will you look upon yourself with contempt for that failure in enterprise, socially, in life. And what did you learn? Did you learn you cant be trusted, or did it put the cat amongst the pigeons and you decided others could not be trusted? Did it make you resent yourself for your shortcomings or did it propel you to make a change. Steps. In time you will heal and learn to trust yourself again. In time you will commit again, believe again, see again, and execute again. Yet if you are allowing the fear to compound, whilst others ridicule your misadventures with comments about your failed attempts, just remember that within every failure is a lesson. Who you become is a product of who you have been, what you have seen, and the lessons you learned from the self you were. I made so many mistakes in life whilst building my network, at times i became frustrated with myself because i was so socially awkward from dealing with others who let the stench and residue of pain contaminate how they dealt with me interfere with interactions. I learned to understand, the world is not a good place, or a bad place, and sometimes the worlds we create for ourselves externally are reflections of the worlds we have within. The things we say, the things we believe in. When you are done whipping yourself with words, and you remember even a small nugget of glory, celebrate it. For we are all fragments of glass being pieced together one experienced at a time, and when we become whole is when we see our true reflection.

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