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How To explode your online traffic?

Hooks, keywords, yoast and the right seo, pay attention to the search terms your audience and Niche are typing in. What sites will they visit? What questions will they ask in the question and answer forums, utilise the question and answer sites, sites like Quora, reddit , there are many duplicators of these sites. what trends will your audience be looking for, What products will engage them, what are your competitors displaying as content. Model their hooks, or learn to engage the way the giants are putting out their knowledge and information. What is your sites unique selling point, what is it’s focus, get as many backlinks as possible, and as many guest posting opportunities, post links in directories, newspapers, magazines, and post minimum 5 times a day. The more you post, the more the google algorithm favours your content and ranks your site high. Use the right keywords for example a page on fashion focussed on a niche such as itallian shoes would post hooks like, italian fashions, hot trends in Italy, Buy new itallian footwear, Italy hot fashions, Italy trends. So enjoy sharing amazing content, advertise on sites you can promote on, share onyour social media. The key is to share widely, the more you share and get audiences talking the more engagement your site gets, the more traffic. You can turn content into a forum discussion, debate topics, question and answers, you can even do a podcast on hot topics, or post them within your newsletter. Have fun and enjoy sharing.

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