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How to make money with your Amazon books: Monetising The Amazon madness

Books should be written in a series
Keep your audience wanting more
Do your research
What are they looking for
What is there a demand for in the market?
For example when you go to the market and you go shopping, you may see crowds gather for a particular product
Why that product
Is it the salesman’s pitch
Is it the branding?
What makes them keep sourcing for that product
Notice key things, publicity , the sales man shouts about the product.
If you make your product invisible nobody will buy it
Profile is key
What’s the hook
Why should audiences engage with your product over competitors in the other shelf
Is it positioning.
Which section will you place the product,
Is it use of colours? Design
Who is your customer, what problem are you trying to solve for them
Is it a reasonable price?
What hooks are you using?
Are you using Bogoff offers ( buy one get one free)
Half price deals
What are you offering the customer for their time, for their custom?
How are you engaging them, with your product?
Each product is an extension of your brand
Utilise SEO
Product reviews so you can rank high on the algorithms, good reviews show the ‘ machine’ as I call it that it can make money out of your product.
The more reviews, the better your sales.
The better the reviews are, the higher you rank

Pay attention to niche
The more focussed your product is the more chance it can have of competing or even dominating within the niche.
For example if someone goes to the market place selling trainers where there is a huge collection of trainers they will have masses of competition, yet what if they came selling signature Italian trainers, or a particular design brand of trainers , that there is a lack of in the market, that is a niche. That individual could make a fortune from selling international , designer trainers at low cost commercial prices to local people.

That individual would make a small fortune.

Market research is key as you engage your audience , wether on your blog or your social media sites, find out what appeals to them , what are they looking for? If you find out what their looking for, you find out what they will invest in.
What will make them part with their money?
There are wants, and there are needs?
Pay attention to Google trends what is trending at the moment? What’s hot right now within your niche, and be able to project what may be coming up in the next six months or so.

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