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The sirens guide to a winner thriller

We all go through that spell of lacklustre creativity, terrified that the words on the page will rot in our heads and form nothing more than dots in oblivion in our minds. Those neat sentences barricaded, dulled mute, rotating, in our heads until they become nothing. What if those sentences didn’t just take form on the page, what if your thrillers could disrupt social trends netting you six figures and a tidy networth. With intricate attention to detail, a system, and a routinte that generates massive traffic to your amazon page, improving your click through rate, improving your analytics and converting. This winning system will help your thriller, if written well, with great book jacket, great hook, and effective marketing appeal to its right audience.

First of all find your audience; Have a website, deliver content that appeals to your target audience make sure your target audience is linked to the niche that are interested in your book.

What are they looking for? Whats hot for them right now in the thriller market?

Make sure content is well researched and well defined. The better your research, the better your novel, The better your delivery

Provide nuggets, resources or insights of key information , fun and insightful tidbits that they may not be able to get anywhere elsewhere

Interesting facts about your character.

For example my character in Dark Sunday loves to listen to the sound of the rain before bedtime, and has a journal or pad she writes in.

Understand the amazon seo

And the amazon keyword

Watch videos and tutorials on the amazon and google keyword algorithm

Get over 500 reviews for your book

Identify your book as a product, do not be too precious about it

Identify its hooks and its strengths, where does it fit in the market? What product is it similar too?

Where would your audience go in the shopping aisles to purchase it

What sites would your key customers use before visiting your website

What searchterms would they type in for your book?

Why would theypart with funds to purchase your book?

What is their budget round about

Who is the lead author in your niche

Who is your biggest competitor?

What are their hooks

What language are they using to sell their books

Look at the style of their book jackets? Colour, font,

Can you get quotes from prolific contacts to really give your book the hard sell?

Whats the maximum number of reviews you can get

Newspaper interviews, podcast interviews, magazine, profile interviews, How can you build your audience with social media

Which influencers can you approach

Which publicist would be great for your budget?

Can you get a stint on radio?

And what about your book launch, engagement with the Bookclubs, the book communities like wattpad, and partnering with the Bookstores and Book festivals?

How about events and readings with community organisations like the library, the business centre, youth organisations. The more people who engage with you reading your work, and the more speaking opportunities you get, the more your work sells. Also think about special deals, and special offers, countdown deals and giveaways. A youtube channel, where you do book giveaways and sales of your book at discounted prices, engaging book bloggers for Pr. Enjoy the process, marketing is just as fun as the writing process for me, and it can be for you also. You are sharing your brand, your story, and the magic of your creativity. Enjoy!

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