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Top 15 ways to go viral with your ebook

Remember that content is always king. Wether it’s delicious tidbits in the privacy of our hubs, or your an adventurer enticing the world weaving stories with splendid copy all over London you want to write content that captivates your audience.
Lead in articles or posts on your blog or website that talk about your novel briefly, post a link that directs audiences to your books preorder page, increasing the traffic, the click through rate, and the conversion rate.

You want to use consistent email marketing campaigns. Those numbers, and contacts you have can be liquid contacts, you can monetise them, you just have to engage them, regularly , consistently , sending them lots of resourceful information. Info that is accessible,broken down, or bitesized in some way.

Get customer reviews, you can even get video testimonials

Have a YouTube channel

Get a book publicists
Do events

Social proof using such sites as Quora and Reddit

Spark an online debate

Become an influencer, write a book on one of your key themes and get your audience to buy your book on pre order.

Sell wealth secrets to your audience that they may not know about your niche

Become a key resource in your niche, make your website the go to site for information on that niche and sell the information you have as copy in book format.

Master the Amazon algorithm through online tutorials,courses, and workshops
Or you can do an accelerator course with enterprise nation

Pay attention to trends and what’s hot in the market

Use kdp spy or rocket to see which niche has books that sold the most,and cater to the audiences in that niche

Learn keyword optimisation for Amazon and SEO

Use fulfilment by Amazon

Do a business and marketing course along with the development of your brand.

Connect to the key distribution channels for your product,key bloggers and influencers and engage with them.

Most importantly do your market research.

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