Otatade Okojie black lives matter poem

Were still here

We’re still here
We’re still standing
All these clowns
Keep pretending
We’re not ghosts
You can see
Here stands
Black royalty
From north
To South
To east to west
Hand on chest
Hand on my Breast
These are the words
That I profess
Black lives matter
Martin Luther
Said it best
To all the king’s
And queens now passed
Who lived
Their lives
Walking on glass
I salute and celebrate
With pride
Despite the malice
You would not deny
For we are a testament
We are god’s glory
Strength and wisdom
Take pride
In our story
Wether you’ve been humbled
Or majestic
You stand
This is god’s Earth
And also our land
I celebrate culture
Beauty and sound
Africa you are more than
A noun
Let history sing
Rhythm drip off my hips
Such African beauty
Can never be eclipsed.

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